The Tarot of Sister Who (TSW) Professional Reviewers Page

Jumbo and Standard Sizes Thank you for your interest in the Tarot of Sister Who. Both Den (Sister Who) and Brian (The Digital Gryphon) hope you find the deck an insightful addition to the tarot universe and marketplace.

The Digital Gryphon LLC is not the Publisher of The Tarot Of Sister Who. We are providing marketing support and will receive token compensation for those efforts.

If you’re visiting this page, we trust you have received your package of sample cards. Pulled from a standard production deck, they are identical to what customers are using. The premium UV coating aids in shuffling, and will keep the deck in good shape. Die-cut rounded corners virtually eliminate dog-ear cards.

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  • The 33 page (8’5″x11″) 404kB .pdf book that’s included with deck purchases. This outlines the new suits and and Sister Who’s replacements for traditional ‘court cards’. It also provides for each card a possible meaning to contemplate and a few basic spreads.
  • A single page (8’5″x11″) 65kB .pdf list of all cards in the deck.
  • A 30 page (8’5″x11″) 1.32mB .pdf file showing 28 cards in more detail; illustrating Sister Who’s style and approach to their deck.
  • The Digital Gryphon public TSW page– with information and background on TSW and its creator. It includes a collection of 1200×1200 pixel individual card descriptions & images being used on Instagram and other social media to promote the deck.
  • Text for a link to the Tarot of Sister Who at

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Promotional Images

Below is a selection of high-quality, low file size, images suitable for (and licensed only for) blogs or other websites that review or promote the sale and use of the Tarot of Sister Who. Please save to your own servers, as this page will be deleted once all Reviewer Packages have been distributed.
the reverse image Saint of Candles info card on the Major suit various cards spread out on a desk