Proposed hard cardboard box.

The ‘Small Stout Box’ is deeper than the current Tuck box- and can hold up to 128 cards. The TSW deck is 84 cards; leaving noticeable extra space in the box. Adding a single 8.5″x11″ sheet (printed both sides; folded to fit) counts as 9 cards. TGC uses a heavy weight paper designed for a lot of full-colour text/images. That would help fill up the box and provide a Thank You message, website link, and a reminder that the purchaser has access to the downloadable book through their GameCrafter account. I have prepared a who-tarot-jumbo-insert.pdf draft.

Computer-generated images from TheGameCrafter. This uses the existing artwork & text for the top and sides of the new box. The bottom text was selected as being more descriptive of the card images and names. How someone familiar with Rider/ Waite/ Smith tarot decks would understand their similarities and differences. The original tuck box bottom text is included in the new insert sheet.