Thank you for coming over from my various social media accounts. This site ( houses information on my photography, graphic design, and book publishing projects.

My Other Domains:
Digital Gryphon Design displays some of my client work; as well as information on self-publishing your own Oracle or Tarot deck.; Guncle Tarot specializes in tarot and other oracle card readings for Queer folk. At GT “Queer” encompasses diversity in Sexual Orientation (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual), Sexual/ Romantic Proclivities (Kink, Fetish, TPE, Poly, Asexual, Aromantic) and Gender Identity & Gender Expression from Trans to Gender Creative to NB Non-Binary.; My digital, queer, non-theist, spiritual humanist ministry of Joy, Kindness and Love. It’s a continuation of my 1980’s street ministry as Sister Flagellation of Forbidden Fruit, Toronto Order of Perpetual Indulgence. Now as Sister Flirtatious Romanovsky of Middlesex the work continues; predominantly online.; Presently this Shopify-based site offers limited quantities of genuine Digital Gryphon greeting & notecard sets and paperback book assortments. I also distribute the Tarot of Sister Who and Sister Who‘s 4 music CDs through that shop.

Deep Within I Know I’m Free; My personal blog at it presents some of my photography & design work as well as rambling on various issues (generally from a “rabidly progressive” point of view).

Supporting My Work:
Digital Gryphon at Ko-Fi;
You can support my queerly creative works by tipping me a few bucks via my Ko-Fi account.

My Shop on Bookshop.Org;
To support other small businesses I’m changing product Affiliate Links from Amzn (or add new ones) to My Shop on Bookshop.Org.

The Digital Gryphon LLC: Authorized Production Partners:
Fine Art America/ Pixels:
A.1. Fine Art America print galleries;
Fine Art Photography and Digital Imagery as Wall Art- canvas, metal, acrylic, wood and fine art papers.

A.2. FAA Pixels Merch shop;
Fine Art Photography and Digital Imagery on Pillows, Totes, Journals and other great gift ideas.

B.1. I’m moving my general merchandise shops from GB to; updates to follow.

B.2. The Digital Gryphon llc operates the Official Romanovsky & Phillips Merchandise Shoppe offering mugs, apparel and more under license. Those items are also moving to

The GameCrafter:
C.1. Sister Flirt’s Meditation Tin & Traveling Altar;
Your tin comes with a deck of 32 small cards designed as inspiration for personal meditation or prayer.

C.2. The Tarot of Sister Who, Jumbo Deck;
A deck of 78 cards designed for personal reflection, increased self-awareness, and contemplative meditation.
Please note that TGC was created to produce board games; their delivery estimates are rather generous, as they produce complex games with a mix of custom-produced and stock pieces. I have a limited stock available through TDG at Shopify for immediate delivery via Priority Post to US addresses only.