Thank you for coming over from my various social media accounts. This site ( houses information on my photography, graphic design, and book publishing projects.

My Other Domains:
Digital Gryphon Design displays some of my client work; as well as information on self-publishing your own Oracle or Tarot deck.; Guncle Tarot specializes in tarot and other oracle card readings for Queer folk. At GT “Queer” encompasses diversity in Sexual Orientation (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual), Sexual/ Romantic Proclivities (Kink, Fetish, TPE, Poly, Asexual, Aromantic) and Gender Identity & Gender Expression from Trans to Gender Creative to NB Non-Binary.; My digital, queer, non-theist, spiritual humanist ministry of Joy, Kindness and Love. It’s a continuation of my 1980’s street ministry as Sister Flagellation of Forbidden Fruit, Toronto Order of Perpetual Indulgence. Now as Sister Flirtatious Romanovsky of Middlesex the work continues; predominantly online.; Presently this Shopify-based site offers limited quantities of genuine Digital Gryphon greeting & notecard sets and paperback book assortments. I also distribute the Tarot of Sister Who and Sister Who‘s 4 music CDs through that shop.

Deep Within I Know I’m Free; My personal blog at it presents some of my photography & design work as well as rambling on various issues (generally from a “rabidly progressive” point of view).

Supporting My Work:
Digital Gryphon at Ko-Fi;
You can support my queerly creative works by tipping me a few bucks via my Ko-Fi account.

My Shop on Bookshop.Org;
To support other small businesses I’m changing product Affiliate Links from Amzn (or add new ones) to My Shop on Bookshop.Org.

The Digital Gryphon LLC: Authorized Production Partners:
Fine Art America/ Pixels:
A.1. Fine Art America print galleries;
Fine Art Photography and Digital Imagery as Wall Art- canvas, metal, acrylic, wood and fine art papers.

A.2. FAA Pixels Merch shop;
Fine Art Photography and Digital Imagery on Pillows, Totes, Journals and other great gift ideas.

B.1. I’ve moved my general merchandise shops to

B.2. The Digital Gryphon llc operates the Official Romanovsky & Phillips Merchandise Shoppe offering mugs, apparel and more under license. Those items have moved to

The GameCrafter:
C.1. Sister Flirt’s Meditation Tin & Traveling Altar;
Your tin comes with a deck of 32 small cards designed as inspiration for personal meditation or prayer. Also available on poker-size cards in a tuck box.

C.2. The Official R&P Lyrical Oracle Deck;
46 cards with keywords inspired by R&P lyrics (also included on each card).

C.3. The Tarot of Sister Who, Jumbo Deck;
A deck of 78 cards designed for personal reflection, increased self-awareness, and contemplative meditation.

Please note that TGC was created to produce board games; their delivery estimates are rather generous, as they produce complex games with a mix of custom-produced and stock pieces. I have a limited stock available of Sister Flirt’s Tin and the Tarot of Sister Who through TDG at Shopify for immediate delivery via Priority Post to US addresses only.