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Spring 2020 Special Edition Canvas Print; only 5 prints available.

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Most links below are to other websites. Three (marked with **) are to other pages on this domain.

My Personal Blog

Deep Within I Know I’m Free;
My personal blog- it presents some of my photography & design work as well as rambling on various issues (generally from a progressive’s point of view).

The Digital Gryphon LLC: Authorized Production Partners

Fine Art America print galleries;
Fine Art Photography and Digital Imagery as Wall Art- canvas, metal, acrylic, wood and fine art papers.

FAA Pixels Merch shop;
Fine Art Photography and Digital Imagery on Pillows, Totes, Journals and other great gift ideas.

The Digital Gryphon Merch on Shopify;
My various JKL (Joy, Kindness, Love) Designs plus Official R&P merch and my various Digital Gryphon designs on jewelry, throw blankets, mugs and other great merchandise. Production by GearBubble.

The Digital Gryphon Shirt Shop;
My various JKL (Joy, Kindness, Love) Designs plus Official R&P merch and my various Digital Gryphon designs on tees, tanks, hoodies and more. Production by GearBubble.

The R&P Shop at GB
The Digital Gryphon llc operates the Official R&P Merchandise Shoppe offering apparel and more under license.

The Digital Gryphon LLC: Link to Specific Projects

My Books**;
Books of Poetry, Photography and Design.

Flashbacks as Memories Tee
What happens when an inappropriate sense of gallows humour looks back at a history of pharmaceutical experimentation and missing memories.

Sister Flirt’s Meditation Tin & Traveling Altar;
Your tin comes with a deck of 32 small cards designed as inspiration for personal meditation or prayer.

About the Tarot of Sister Who
A deck of 78 cards designed for personal reflection, increased self-awareness, and contemplative meditation.

About Romanovsky & Phillips**;
Romanovsky & Phillips began their career at San Francisco’s Valencia Rose Cafe in 1982 as the musical break for Gay Comedy Open Mic Night before touring North America for almost two decades.

Intuitive readings infused with my experience as a long-time openly queer, creative, spiritual, kinky person.

a digital, queer, non-theist, spiritual humanist ministry of Joy, Kindness and Love.