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I refuse to allow my justified anger and deep sadness be the totality of my self-expression. A year ago I created my Choose JOY™ logotype to “encourage others (and remind myself) to choose joy“. I continue to promote joy- recognizing its close ties to love and kindness. I added my Choose LOVE™ logotype design last year. And now I’m adding more quotes and thoughts on #JOY, #KINDNESS and #LOVE to my network of authorized Production Partners. Expect additional JKL Designs™ to follow.

The widest range of merchandise and apparel styles are available at our (shop now closed).

Additional merchandise and apparel with our JKL Designs™ are available at our (shop now closed).

A small range of apparel, mugs and necklaces are available at our GearBubble Shop.

A Few Examples:

choose JOY necklace at GBiridescent wings mug at GearBubble

Important Notes:

# The bulk of the purchase price, plus any Shipping Charges, go to our Production Partner(s) for processing your order and delivering a high quality item made-to-order just for you;
# Pricing and Product Selection varies by Production Partner, are beyond my control, and are subject to change without notice.

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