I refuse to allow my justified anger and deep sadness to be the totality of my self-expression. So I created my Choose JOY™ logotype to “encourage others (and remind myself) to choose joy“. I continue to promote joy- recognizing its close ties to love and kindness. The next design I added was my Choose LOVE™ logotype. Since then I’ve added more quotes and thoughts on #JOY, #KINDNESS and #LOVE to my Digital Gryphon at Threadless Shop.

Last month I launched Sister Flirt’s Meditation Tin & Traveling Altar. It includes a deck of 32 small prompt cards; 9 of them expand my “Choose JOY™ logotype” series to include other concepts or practices I believe are important and beneficial.

Just A Few Examples:

choose JOY necklaceiridescent wings mugChoose Passion necklaceChoose Peace tumblerJKL logotype necklaceChoose Love shirtChoose Gratitude necklaceJKL logotype mugChoose Peace engraved necklaceChosen FamilyChoose Magic tanktopChoose Hope shirtChoose Passion engraved necklaceChoose Kindness long sleeve shirt3 shirt assortment

Important Notes:

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