I’ve resisted offering Print On Demand facemasks with my various designs for 2 reasons- first in the hopes they won’t be necessary long-term for most folks. Also because ‘profiting from tragedy’ is tacky. But this is America 2020; folks want to look good and express themselves. And I need to fund my impending retirement.

It’s become clear that the need for facemasks will be long-term. Now that both Pixels (a Fine Art America brand) and GearBubble are each offering them, I’m offering a few of my designs to each Production Partner.

To meet demand, production is being farmed out; the exact size and style of mask varies from order to order

     “These masks are made from 100% polyester and includes two woven, elastic loops for a comfortable, one-size-fits-all fit.
     “Please note – this is NOT a surgical grade mask. It should not be used in any medical or surgical setting. We make no warranties that the mask prevents infections or the transmission of viruses or diseases.

Available from GearBubble
As of this posting, my GearBubble masks are US$12.95- shipping and taxes extra. Please note I receive no portion of those extra charges. As a brand new product offering, GB has a rather generous allowance for production time; they expect to ship more quickly and will revise their published production time as they progress.

They are now shipping a new style of mask with a 5 layer replaceable filter between fabric layers. Our product images below are slowly being changed over- but I’m told all orders are now fulfilled with the upgraded version.


Available from Pixels
As of this posting, my FAA Pixels masks are US$16.00- including shipping to US addresses. Taxes extra.