The Designs: their stories
Choose Gratitude necklaceJKL (Joy, Kindness, Love) Series
I refuse to allow my justified anger and deep sadness be the totality of my self-expression. So I created my Choose JOY™ logotype to “encourage others (and remind myself) to choose joy“. Since then I’ve added additional designs around similar themes such as kindness, gratitude, peace and chosen family.
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Contents of the tinSister Flirt’s Meditation Tin & Traveling Altar
Since the first time humans believed in some unseen force(s) that might rule the world there have been spaces dedicated to worshiping or making offerings to them. Early nomadic peoples and medieval traveling clergy found various ways to carry books, candles, and other talismans. The recent addition of printable tins at The GameCrafter allowed me to create one for my own use; that same technology allows me to share my design with you.
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One of my Teddy Bear Tears seriesTeddy Bear Tears
My series of “deceptively bright expressions of pain and anger over repressed childhood trauma,” from my larger series of Kaleidoscope Prints. I don’t know if my resistance to a palette of only/mostly dark shades and muted colours is a strategy to keep the horror at bay, a refusal to use obvious ‘inner demons’ colours (often replaced here with traditional symbols of childhood), or a desire to focus on happier memories. Each of these pieces is available on canvas, metal, acrylic, wood or fine art papers; not available smaller than 24″ due to the amount of detail.
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The Gryphon Rule on a coffee mugThe Gryphon Rule
I decided that it was time to re-write the well-known Golden Rule to reflect the truth that not everyone likes the same things; ‘different strokes for different folks’ as another saying goes.
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to insanity design on a tee shirtto insanity And Beyond
Raised in an environment where comedy and wit (especially of the ‘dry British’ type) was valued, along with an atmosphere of no taboos, my affinity for ‘gallows humour’ should be a surprise to no one. Written as a comment on a friend’s social media post, this design is a perfect example of how I process life.
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Pink Triangle Day shirtPink Triangle Day
Celebrated in Canada since 1980; Pink Triangle Day is dedicated to honouring love in our lives. The love of friends, families (of birth or of choice), partners and spouses.

Each year I create a new design to mark the occasion. Declared in July of 1979, the first Annual Pink Triangle Day was observed in February of 1980. That means that 2019 was the 40th. My design last year was more complex than previous years; it included one large pink triangle consisting of 36 smaller triangles point-to-point with a smaller triangle made of 4 even smaller triangles.
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Silence=Death new designSilence=Death Then, Now, Always
I don’t casually re-purpose such an iconic phrase; it’s an important aspect of gay history. I know the price we’ve paid as queer folk, and in the larger society; the millions of deaths, the hatred, the politicking. The power of the image and of the history it represents speaks to me of what we survived, and how. And that we will again. Sadly the message is still valid. The federal US election of 2016 has reminded we who survived the 1980s of just how quickly our reality can be upended.
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Gender (whatever) shirtGender (whatever)
Define yourself however you wish- your gender is whatever you know it to be. Come out as Gender (whatever) so that you are living more authentically. Come out so that people around you can see you, can see that diversity of gender expression is natural. This design was inspired by a post on my personal blog. It is available with the text in various solid colours and patterns, on apparel and drinkware.
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GenderQueer mugsGenderQueer Designs
GenderQueer” is an attempt to bring together folks who identify using a growing list of terms. Shown here is the logotype I created for GenderQueer.Life, which was designed to “be a platform for Gender Queer folk to inspire and be inspired by each other“. The site is on hold due to financial restraints and ongoing health issues.

Related designs in the Digital Gryphon Designs Shop include “Quantum Gender” and “Get Out Of Gender FREE”.
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Snarky comments on teeshirts
PoliSci Commentary Designs
I decided early this year to remove the bulk of my witty/ snarky comment graphic tees in favour of the more uplifting JKL (Joy, Kindness, Love) Series found at the top of this page. However a few designs remain (or were added back) in light of the very serious current garbage fire that is life at the moment.
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