GQ.Life Logotype Design

Launched in part as a response to the 2016 US Federal Election campaign and votes, GenderQueer.Life is, and will be, a platform for Gender Queer folk to inspire and be inspired by each other. Book reviews, sharing blog posts, videos and websites of interest are the starting point. Guest writers and publishing (in print) the full diversity of our community, our experiences, our hopes, dreams and struggles are on the horizon.

GenderQueer” is an attempt to bring together folks who identify as one or more of the following terms:
# Brian’s personal blog uses the acronym “LGBTiTQQ2s” to include lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, transexual, queer, questioning, and 2-spirit individuals;
# Others identify as Non-Binary, Gender-Creative, Gender-Fluid, Gender-Queer or Non-Gendered.

Sales of tee-shirts & hoodies and ceramic mugs with the logotype support the costs of web-hosting and research.