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In Pursuit Of A Dream

In Pursuit Of A Dream: Poetic Prose by Brian D Gryphon Born near the end of the ‘Baby Boomer Era’, Brian grew up in rural Ontario. Living in a village of 1,000 people in the […]

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Moving On

Moving On: Poetic Prose by Jason Beilchick Growing up gay in rural Pennsylvania, Jason adopted a ‘Goth’ appearance to survive high school. Mourning the loss of his father to cancer just as he entered his […]

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Echoes Of My Lips

Echoes of My Lips by Michael Harding A collection of poetry and poetic prose composed during the 1970s when the author was in his 20s. It is a reflection of the times, while also timeless […]

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Book of Shoefiti Photography

ShoeFiti 64 pages, 8.5″x8.5″ full colour trade paperback The stories about the ‘why’ of shoes and boots being wrapped around power and phone lines vary widely, but such ‘shoefiti’ are found around the world. This […]

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Our current list of eBooks available for the Kindle reader (and Kindle apps) through Amazon ‘Matchbook’ Offer: Purchase either of the first two books as a paperback from and get the same title’s […]

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Every Day: Miracles

Every day: Miracles     This book started as a collection of images shot as assignments for a Digital Photography course at Columbus State Community College, along with selected quotations around the theme of every […]

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1 Out Of 10

1 Out Of 10 Therapists: The Poetry of Romanovsky & Phillips Lyrics This book includes 44 selections published to celebrate the 30th anniversary of R&P’s first musical appearance in 1982. Pioneers of the gay folk […]

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Gryphon Kaleidoscopes

Gryphon Kaleidoscopes 30 original photographs or graphic designs spun into reflecting kaleidoscopes like that kid’s toy some of us remember. Ten designs clearly show their floral photograph sources, while another ten are spun from photographs […]


Client Work: Book Design

Example of a Photogaphy Portfolio Project The client was the photographer’s spouse; the book a surprise gift. After an initial telephone consultation all correspondence was via email and Dropbox exchange of files. The project included […]

Graphic Design

To Insanity And Beyond

Regular readers of my personal blog know that I’ve repressed most of my childhood before about age 6 or 7. After graduating High School in rural south-western Ontario I lived in a nearby small city […]