It is 2018 and the POD universe is in great flux. Most of my designs will only be available from 2 or 3 Production Partners as of May 31, 2018. This listing will be updated as final Production Partners are selected.

Designs at CafePress/DigitalGryphon
Random Thoughts and Things Overheard- on Tee Shirts

Some Designs Also Available On Additional Gift Ideas
BTDT: Implants BTDT: Restraining Order BTDT: Scars BTDT: Straight Jacket Cogito ergo Blog Fear Not The Dead Balance Evil Good Be Melodramatic Bright Side Can't Talk Sane Change Me Classy Is Hard Dills My Pickle Flashbacks Got It Together Grammar Lesson Handle on Life Heat in Bedroom Know Everything Love Humanity Lovely Day 2 Skip Meds My Mind Wandered New Feudalism No Selfie Control Power of We Talk 2 Crazy Too Extraordinary Trickle Down Walpole Quote

Please note that the bulk of the selling price goes to #Cafepress for custom production of your order and all the back-end work involved in processing your order. Our Designer Royalty for each t-shirt sold from these two Shops is just $3.00. Our Royalty on other merchandise (mugs, stickers, buttons, totebags, etc) varies.

Designs at CafePress/theGryphon
The Gryphon: Pride With a Touch of Snark

Some Designs Also Available On Additional Gift Ideas
Agitation Assimilationist Bedroom Quote Congress Street Consumption Choose Joy Delicious Deviant Dogma Leashed Don't Dread Fag Drag Spiritualist Gay Gray Fabulous Gender (Whatever) Gender (Whatever) Gender Queer4 Gender Queer5 Godless Minion Hetero-Normative L.A.B. Live Loud Proud Love TRANSforms My Country No Tolerate Hate Oral is not Immoral Only Love Defeats Hate Our Journey Is Not Complete Relentlessly GAY Radical Homosexual Lobby Staff Silence, Death We Won't Disappear We're Queer, No Fear

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