Give A Damn

Not just another Digital Gryphon text design. This design is a flashback to the ’80s and ’90s while also a timely call for action. Don’t let the current situation bring you down or force you […]


Floral Photography

Apparel and Fabric Selected images are available on apparel at #Cafepress Roses That Last Shop and #Skreened Roses That Last Shop. We also offer designs on as fabric, wallpaper and premium gift wrap made-to-order at […]


Pink Triangle Day

Pink Triangle Day 2018 Celebrated in Canada since 1980; Pink Triangle Day is dedicated to honouring love in our lives. The love of friends, families (of birth or of choice), partners and In July […]


Silence=Death 2017

Silence = Death: This was a battle cry for we AIDS activists in the ’80s. Those with the virus, or a positive exposure test, needed to speak up so that the size and scope of […]