Floral Photography

Apparel and Fabric Selected images are available on apparel at #Cafepress Roses That Last Shop and #Skreened Roses That Last Shop. We also offer designs on as fabric, wallpaper and premium gift wrap made-to-order at […]


HypnoTherapy Series

Our two series of digital art representing my head-space as I undergo hypnosis to recover blocked childhood memories. The first series is PM– PreMemory, and the second is HT– HypnoTherapy. The largest selection of designs […]


Cityscapes Photography

We offer a variety of great gift ideas featuring our photography of city scenes. Great merchandise from greeting cards to blank journals to mugs. Selected images are available on playing cards and a growing assortment […]


Shoefiti Photography

The practice of throwing shoes (or boots) in the air to wrap around a utility line (power, phone, cable, etc) has been described as everything from “angels feet” marking the death of a gang member […]