Rainbow Memoirs provides custom services; our pricing structure is set up to provide transparency. A quotation may only be provided after an initial meeting and review of your goals, potential sources and desired final outcome.

Our fees break down to two main categories; labour and product. A typical project will entail an investment in the low- to mid-four figure range.

Labour charges include the time and expertise required to complete:

  • RIT: Research, Interviews, Transcribing;
  • WED: Writing and Editing;
  • IPF: Images and Production Files.

Product fees reflect the unique specifications of your desired finished product. Typical products include:

  • BOOKS: Pricing will reflect the Size & Number of pages, whether a full-colour or b&w interior, hardcover or paperback, paper quality, quantity;
  • MAGAZINE: Pricing will reflect Number of pages, quantity;
  • CALENDAR: Pricing will reflect Size & Number of pages, quantity;
  • WEB-BASED: Preparing blog posts would be included in labour charges, above.

A project that requires 60 hours to research and prepare 15 copies of a b/w interior paperback 6″x9″ book would require about half the investment of one that requires 100 hours to research and publish six copies of a full-colour 8″x10″ hard cover book with a premium paper interior.