Part 1 – Consultation to Manuscript

Initial Consultation – Scope of project
interviewee(s)- number, location
images available/ permissions & research required?
research; dates, names, locations
# Provide Estimate, signed agreement & deposit required
(Some information on how we calculate our Estimate>

Transcribing interviews

Research, writing/ editing of Draft
# Client review of Draft, second payment required

Changes, corrections, additional material/ images
Copy editing, proofreading
# Client review of Manuscript, third payment required

Estimated time requirements
From Initial Consultation to an Edited Draft requires approximately 5 additional hours per hour of interviews conducted. A life story typically requires from 4 to 10 hours of Interviews; or 24 to 60 hours to complete.

While going from Edited Draft to Published Project requires another 10 hours per hour of interviews conducted. Four to 10 hours of Interviews suggests that 64 to 160 hours are require to complete your Project.

Part 2 – Manuscript to Publication

It is impossible to provide an accurate outline before meeting with a client; the range of options is just too great.

  • BOOKS: Pricing will reflect the Size & Number of pages, whether a full-colour or B&W interior, hardcover or paperback, paper quality, quantity;
  • MAGAZINE: Pricing will reflect Number of pages, quantity;
  • CALENDAR: Pricing will reflect Size & Number of pages, quantity;
  • DVD of INTERVIEWS: Price will reflect (minimal) editing, total length of recordings.

Estimated time requirements
The time required to prepare production files will depend on the size of the manuscript, the quantity and quality of images (if available) as well as the form of final publication. Each format and production partner has unique requirements.