What will people say about you once you pass on?

When Dad passed away I wrote To My Nieces & Nephews admitting that I never really knew him or Mom as individuals- they were loving parents, give me so much. But beyond minimal stories of their meeting and early life together, they were strangers.

Your legacy is more than just the stuff you leave behind; your memories and experiences are valuable lessons.

Your knowledge, and our place in history, should be shared with a new generation; a bequest of knowledge and pride. We are each heroes; if they only knew what we went through ‘back in the day’ so that they see full Marriage Equality in their future.
Now is the time to bring your stories out into the world:

  • As a full-length biography;
  • Or a memoir that focuses on specific events or a theme;
  • Perhaps as a collection of your writings or your visual art.

Although 11, 15, 16 all US states and about a dozen other countries now recognize and validate same-sex marriage (“marriage equality“) this does not mean all is well. Recent progress has been met with resistance and set-backs. Many faith leaders, politicians and celebrities (however loosely defined) around the world and here in the US continue to preach bigotry, hatred and (far too often) outright violence. The growing acceptance of middle class gays and lesbians did not automatically end discrimination against trans and other queer (non-heteronormative) people.

Whether you want to publish your story for the entire world or just for those closest to you, now is the time to start.

Let us help you share your story

Don’t have the time or training to prepare your memoir? We will do interviews, transcribe and edit your story and do any research needed to confirm dates and names. We can scan in photographs and prepare the entire manuscript to be published in whatever form you want. Learn about our process and what we can produce for you. Or contact me for a free initial consultation or for more information.

Rainbow Memoirs is focused on preserving personal stories of LGBTQ folk. Think of us as your Personal Historian to help you collect, edit and publish your story; whether a detailed biography or a memoir highlighting a specific time-frame or events. This might lead to a full-length book or a collection of short stories, poems and/or visual art by one person, one couple, or one family (however you define that). It might lead to a few selections to be included in an anthology or a series of blog posts. Each collaboration is unique; just like you.

For an example of ‘a series of blog posts‘ see my personal blog posts about my Grandmother.

Some people want to record their history (or that of the people they love) to share just with family and friends- passing along their history and the lessons learned. We can work as your own ‘ghost writer’ or as researcher and editor, interviewing yourself and others and sourcing information and images to place your story in context.