Pink Triangle Day

Pink Triangle Day 2017
Celebrated in Canada since 1980; Pink Triangle Day is dedicated to honouring love in our lives. The love of friends, families (of birth or of choice), partners and In July of 1979, at the annual meeting of the Canadian Lesbian & Gay Rights Coalition, the attendees passed a Resolution declaring February 14th to be an annual, unofficial, Canadian celebration of love.

Our designs all include the pink triangle; although not as well-known as the Rainbow Flag the pink triangle has a longer history. One design features just the Pink Triangle, another has the annual date.

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A portion of the Resolution:
We realize that this date, February 14th, has traditionally been celebrated as St Valentine’s Day and dedicated to the expression of heterosexual affection. We take this opportunity to challenge what Christopher Isherwood has called the “heterosexual dictatorship” by affirming for ourselves and for the world, the existence, the strength, and the beauty of gay love.

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Some of our previous annual designs:

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