HypnoTherapy Series

Our two series of digital art representing my head-space as I undergo hypnosis to recover blocked childhood memories. The first series is PM– PreMemory, and the second is HT– HypnoTherapy. The largest selection of designs is available as frame-able posters and cards at our #CafePress shop. Selected designs are also offered as postcards, calendar prints or blank journals. The first four images below are close-ups showing the level of detail in our designs. Following that are the current range of images available at #CafePress.

A few designs have been custom-cropped to fit on great mugs at our #GearBubble Shoppe. Designs are available on 11 and 15 oz sizes; some designs offered on black mugs.

Selected images are now available at our #FAA Fine Art America galleries as prints on canvas, acrylic, wood, metal and a variety of fine art papers. From intimate 8″ to wall-filling 48″ sizes.

at #CafePress

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