Gender (whatever)
Define yourself however you wish- your gender is whatever you know it to be. Available in various colours and patterns; this design was inspired by this blog post from last fall. Net proceeds from sales support the cost of hosting, editing and sharing the blog. The basic design is available with the text in various solid colours as well as different patterns. Assorted styles and colours of apparel, as well as ceramic mugs, are available.

Been There, Done That
These designs arose from a late-night coffee shop conversation with friends on what each of us had been through, and what evidence we carried with us. It started with “emotional scars“. It’s not my place to say who said what, or which ones might be just fantasy. Our four BTDT designs now available on colour-changing mugs. Also on a variety of shirt styles and colours at our BTDT Shoppe at GearBubble.

Romanovsky & Phillips
Pioneers in gay & lesbian entertainment, Romanovsky & Phillips began their career at San Francisco’s Valencia Rose Cafe in 1982 as the musical break for Gay Comedy Open Mic Night. They toured across the nation as well as abroad and released a number of albums which are available again at their Official Web-site. I’m honoured to operate the Official R&P Facebook Group as well as their official Merchandise Shops.

Joy, Kindness, Love
I refuse to allow my justified anger and deep sadness be the totality of my self-expression. A year ago I created my Choose JOY™ logotype to “encourage others (and remind myself) to choose joy.” I continue to promote joy- recognizing its close ties to love and kindness. I added my Choose LOVE™ logotype design last year. And now I’m adding more quotes and thoughts on #JOY, #KINDNESS and #LOVE to my network of authorized Production Partners.

The Digital Gryphon
A smaller selection of designs and products than found at our network of CafePress shops, GearBubble offers slightly better pricing. Check out our current range of designs:

Important Notes

# The bulk of the purchase price, plus any Shipping Charges, go to our Production Partner(s) for processing your order and delivering a high quality item made-to-order just for you;
# Pricing and Product Selection varies by Production Partner, are beyond my control, and are subject to change without notice.