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Our Design Work

  • Silence = Death: This was a battle cry for we AIDS activists in the ’80s. Those with the virus, or a positive exposure test, needed to speak up so that the size and scope of [...]
  • Rainbow Beasts Based on our hand-coloured series of Beastly Designs drawn from ancient or medieval designs, these beasts wear colours of Pride. Shown here are three designs available at our #CafePress Shoppe on black or [...]
  • Define yourself however you wish- your gender is whatever you know it to be. Available in various colours and patterns; this design was inspired by a post on my personal blog. The design is available [...]

Our Photography

  • We offer a variety of great gift ideas featuring our photography of city scenes. Great merchandise from greeting cards to blank journals to mugs. Selected images are available on playing cards and a growing assortment [...]
  • Our Peppers Project- photographs taken as part of a study of colours, shapes and shadows. Some images have been further processed to illustrate various digital art effects. Selected images are now available on cards and [...]
  • Apparel and Fabric Selected images are available on apparel at #Cafepress Roses That Last Shop and #Skreened Roses That Last Shop. We also offer designs on as fabric, wallpaper and premium gift wrap made-to-order at [...]

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