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Our Design Work

  • Beastly designs at CafePress/digitalGryphon Some Designs Also Available On Additional Gift Ideas PRICING: Please note that the bulk of the selling price goes to #Cafepress for custom production of your order and all the back-end [...]
  • From my personal blog (January, 2015): One of the highlights of 2014 for me was being able to reconnect with (and be warmly received by) the world-wide communion that is the Orders of Perpetual Indulgence. [...]
  • Romanovsky & Phillips began their career at San Francisco’s Valencia Rose Cafe in 1982 as the musical break for Gay Comedy Open Mic Night before touring North America for almost two decades. Although the site’s [...]

Our Photography

  • Our Peppers Project- photographs taken as part of a study of colours, shapes and shadows. Some images have been further processed to illustrate various digital art effects. Selected images are now available on cards and [...]
  • A variety of great gift ideas featuring our photographs of Pride. Most images are from the annual Pride Month celebrations in Toronto ON. Some have messages for National Coming Out Day. Toronto Pride Parades: 2006, [...]
  • A variety of great gift ideas featuring our photography of ducks, dragonflies, Canada Geese and frogs. Our largest selection of images and gift ideas is at our #Cafepress shop. New Production Partner: We are pleased [...]

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